Australian Standards AS 1554.2

Australian Standards - AS 1554.2

Australian Studwelding Standards.

At Studco, our studs and installations are governed by AS 1554.2, the Australian Studwelding Standard.

This standard lays down the guidelines that dictate the Materials, Design, Manufacture, Welding equipment, Weld procedures, Qualification, Personnel and Training. Together with the QA required both in the manufacture and installation of the studs.

Many sub-standard studs are imported by smaller operators, that definitely do not comply with AS1554.2. Use of these studs can have disastrous results. The liability lies with the installer to show that the studs being used comply with AS 1554.2, and he must be able to prove this thru Mill certs, Chemical analysis certs, and Mechanical Test certs.

Weldability is a very real issue with studs, as installers, we work with our studs every day, and we understand how a quality stud should perform. Why would you buy a stud from anyone else, when we know the process, and the products, intimately?