Studco Stud Welding | BHP Building, Perth Australia

Construction Sites

On-site Stud Welding

Good or Bad, construction sites are a world unto themselves. Lack of space, tight deadlines, multiple trades in close proximity, rigorous safety and QA documentation, and sometimes questionable drawing details, all come together to create what can be a challenging environment.

Studco specialise in Bondek, Kingflor, Condeck and Revflor permanent formwork systems. We can lay the Decking, do the Propping and Weld the Shear Connectors.

We specialise in Construction site work, we have all the tools and documentation systems to please even the most fastidious construction manager.

We also have the personnel and equipment to move fast. On the 48 storey BHP Building in Perth City, we laid over 75,0002 of Kingflor and installed over 220,000 shear studs. Some floors being 1700m2 and 5000 studs were completed in as little as 6 working days. An incredible effort for all trades involved.

But these environments are not for everyone. At Studco we have the experience and proven track record to take on the big jobs, and make it work. We have the knowledge and experience to get your project completed in the minimum possible time and with the minimum of fuss.

Call us with your next Tender, we will look after you.

Download applicable studs tables here.