Hope Downs Mine Site Western Australia

Mine Sites

On-site Mining Stud Welding

Remote locations, Heat, Dust, High safety standards, Rigorous QA requirements.... These are a few of our favourite things.

From Collie, to Kalgoorlie, to Karratha, we can help you out. With one small but clever Sea Container, we can send all the equipment and materials required to do almost any job. We have worked on everything from Cryogenic LNG vessels, Power stations and Refineries to Ballmill loading platforms. We have the experience and expertise to go in, create minimum impact on your surrounding workers, get the job done, and get out again with as little fuss as properly. We are also expert at dealing with your Safety and QA engineers, generally knowing what documentation you will need before we even get to site.

Nothing is too remote or too difficult.

Our staff are well trained and have the certification documents and cards to back it up. Call us for your next studwelding or permanent formwork job. You’ll be glad you did.