New Perth Stadium - Studwelding both on and off site

New perth Stadium

Sino Iron Construction - Over 40,000 22mm Shaer connectors Thru-deck

Sino Iron Construction

New Perth Childrens Hospital - Shear Connectors during EarthworksCity Square:

New Perth Childrens Hospital

Worsley Alumina Expansion Collie - Multi-storey Process building being driven into final location

Worsley Alumina Expansion Collie

City Square Tower - Over 70,000 sqm of deck and over 250,000 shear connectors

City Square Tower, Perth

Marandoo Minesite Expansion - Onsite Minesite Studwelding

Marandoo Minesite Expansion

New Perth Arena - Over 50,000 studs studwelded onsite

New Perth Arena

Kununurra Courthouse - Remote location Studwelding

Kununurra Courthouse

State Theatre - Iconic Building studwelding

State Theatre, Perth

Hope Downs Minesite Expansion - Minesite studwelding

Hope Downs Minesite Expansion

City Square:

STUDCO installed 85,000 sqm of deck and over 250,000 shear connectors as part of the 48 storey City Square building on St Georges Tce, Perth. At a rate of about 2000 sqm every 2 weeks.
City Square, Perth City Square, Perth

Karara Iron Ore Mine:

STUDCO work anywhere in Western Australia. Studco were asked to install over 1600 sqm of Kingflor permanent formwork decking onto already studded beams on Karara’s ball mills to create an upper level to access the mills.
Karara Iron Ore Mine Karara Iron Ore Mine

Perth Arena:

Studco played a large role in the Perth Arena, installing over 70,000 studs 'Thru-Deck'. This BGC project is a Landmark building, and a major focus on the new Perth City Link project, and the sinking of the Perth Rail through the city, finally linking Northbridge with the Perth City.

Perth Arena Perth Arena

Wesfarmers Cryogenic LNG Store:

STUDCO installed 12,500 threaded sockets into the 35m high LNG Sphere built in Kwinana. Studs were used to retain the insulation layers needed to store the contents at approx. minus 170 degrees Celsuis.

STUDCO’s welding methodology was scrutinised by Lloyds Register as surpassing the rigourous European standard EN14555.2006.

Wesfarmers Cryogenic LNG Store Wesfarmers Cryogenic LNG Store