Nelson Studwelding Machine

Stud Welding Machines

So you want to do your own Studwelding?

Studwelding is done with purpose built studwelding machines. It is a recognised form of welding in its own right, and is covered by its own Australian Standard AS1554.2

Studwelding is all about the setting up, once set up correctly, it is child’s play. Getting the right size machine, and the right set up, for your application is key to your success, and to your continued productivity.

Call us to discuss your application. We know and use the machines we sell.

Why see Studco?.... It’s what we do!

We recommend and sell Nelson and Proweld brand machines

Nelson Studwelding Machines Proweld Studwelding Machines
CD Machines CD Machines
NCD+1000 CD-212
NCD+1400 CD-312
NCD+1600 CD-512
Drawn Arc Machines Drawn Arc Machines
Arc-Charger 550C Transformer ARC-800
Inverter N800i Transformer ARC-1200
Inverter N1500i Transformer ARC-1200i
Transformer S4500 Transformer ARC-1850
Transformer Nelweld4000 Transformer ARC-3000
Transformer Nelweld6000/a>
Genset / Welder N6500