Threaded Arc Studs

Threaded Arc Studs

What are Threaded Arc Studs?

Threaded arc studs are a purpose made for Arcstud-welding. The base is optimised for drawn arc studwelding and also includes a flux material embedded in its tip to optimise the welding process.

What are Their Uses?

Anywhere there are lots of studs used, where the base material is too hard for drilling and tapping, where cutting a penetration is not possible or not desirable.

  • Wear plates
  • Earthing studs
  • Bolted connections
  • Decks
  • Signs
  • Marine applications

Sizes and Materials?

Commonly stocked off-the-shelf sizes include M6 to M24 and from 30mm to 100mm long, in Carbon Steel. We can also custom make studs to suit your needs. Custom studs include: custom lengths, 304ss, 316ss and other materials, female threaded sockets and much, much more.

Please call us to discuss your needs.

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